Wrestlemania 31 finishes leaked!–Part Two: Lesnar vs Reigns

While I cannot reveal the source of this information, due to the dire repercussions that will surely have on certain careers, here is what is planned for the Wrestlemania 31 main event, Sunday night in Santa Clara, CA.  PLEASE do not make up signs that will spoil it for those who are not aware of what will transpire.

Pre-match, Reigns requests a mic and cuts a promo, changing his ethnic accent three times. Bell rings and Roman immediately schoolboys Lesnar for the victory.  Paul Heyman does his usual array of great reaction faces, the new champ helps the former up–GROUP HUG!

Reigns walks over to a corner, looks directly into the camera, saying “Am I ‘ready’ now, losers?”  But, wait, could it all be a trick?  His back to Lesnar and Heyman, Reigns removes his flak jacket to reveal a CM PUNK T-SHIRT, gestures for fans to do the Punk chant.  Roman then crouches in his usual pre-spear position, bangs his fist on the mat…then casually walks over to Paul and Brock and shakes hands.

Heyman points to the Punk shirt and laughs before RR removes it, and blows his nose then wipes his butt with it before flicking it over his shoulder like it’s worthless trash.

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